string1 W2S3 [strıŋ] n
sticker, ↑string
3 no strings (attached)
4 string of pearls/lights/beads etc
6 first-string/second-string etc
7 have somebody on a string
8 have more than one string to your bow
[: Old English; Origin: streng]
1.) ¦(THREAD)¦ [U and C]
a strong thread made of several threads twisted together, used for tying or fastening things
Her key hung on a string around her neck.
a ball of string
I need a piece of string to tie this package.
a) a number of similar things or events coming one after another
= ↑series string of
a string of hit albums
b) a group of similar things
string of
She owns a string of health clubs.
c) technical a group of letters, words, or numbers, especially in a computer program
3.) no strings (attached)
having no special conditions or limits on an agreement, relationship etc
The policy offers 15% interest with no strings attached.
4.) string of pearls/lights/beads etc
several objects of the same type connected with a thread, chain etc
5.) ¦(MUSIC)¦
one of the long thin pieces of wire, ↑nylon etc that is stretched across a musical instrument and produces sound
b) the strings/the string section
the people in an ↑orchestra or band who play musical instruments that have strings, such as ↑violins
6.) first-string/second-string etc
relating to or being a member of a team or group with the highest, second highest etc level of skill
a first-string quarterback
7.) have sb on a string informal
to be able to make someone do whatever you want
Susie has her mother on a string.
8.) have more than one string to your bow
BrE to have more than one skill, idea, plan etc that you can use if you need to
→↑G-string,how long is a piece of string? atlong1 (9), pull strings atpull1 (8), pull the/sb's strings atpull1 (9), the purse strings atpurse1 (5)
string 2
string2 past tense and past participle strung [strʌŋ]
v [T]
1.) to put things together onto a thread, chain etc
beads strung on a silver chain
2.) [always + adverb/preposition]
to hang things in a line, usually high in the air, especially for decoration
string sth along/across etc sth
Christmas lights were strung from one end of Main Street to the other.
3.) be strung (out) along/across etc sth
written to be spread out in a line
the houses and shops strung out along the bay
4.) to put a string or a set of strings onto a musical instrument
highly-strung athighly
string along phr v
1.) string sb along
to deceive someone for a long time by making them believe that you will help them, that you love them etc
He's just stringing you along.
2.) BrE to go somewhere with someone for a short time, especially because you do not have anything else to do
string along with
If you're going into town, I'll string along with you.
string out [string sth<=>out] phr v
informal to make something continue longer than it should
Rebel leaders attempted to string out negotiations to avoid reaching a settlement.
string together [string sth<=>together] phr v
1.) string words/a sentence together
to manage to say or write something that other people can understand
He was so drunk he could hardly string two words together.
2.) to combine things in order to make something that is complete, good, useful etc
They string together image after image until the documentary is completed.
string up [string sb<=>up] phr v
to kill someone by hanging them

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